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We are proud to announce our partnership with Tampa Sports Academy. Are you new to aerial arts or a seasoned aerialist looking for training space? We have a fully air conditioned facility with two pulley systems (3 rigging points total) and a dance studio. Other facility accommodations include 2 water fountains with water bottle refill stations, locker rooms and a cafe. You can now sign up for classes, private lessons and monthly memberships.


Please read class descriptions before booking. All forms and waivers must be signed and turned in before you start class. Payments can be made directly to Tampa Sports Academy upon arrival via cash or card. 


Fox 13 Tampa Bay recently featured our aerial program on a two part live segment. We discussed aerial as a fun fitness activity for everyone. Tony, even tried aerial hammock for the first time on live television! Check out the article and segment

in the link below. 


Class Etiquette

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to check in 

  • New Students must have all waivers signed beforehand

  • Be sure to register ahead of time online

  • Bring a water bottle & gym towel

  • Please wear leggings & workout clothing

  • Always ask permission to record/take photos

  • Do not teach other students 

  • Parents are not to interject or coach during class

  • Do not adjust rigging or equipment.

  • Canceling your class with less than 24 hours notice or no notice will result in your card being charged for the full class amount. 

Dress Code

For the safety of students and equipment the following clothing is not permitted:

  • Jewelry

  • Loose fitting clothes

  • Bare legs for aerial classes 

  • Hats 

  • Street shoes

  • strapless tops (any clothing that is not secure)

  • Distracting accessories

Students are encouraged to wear:

  • Leggings

  • Workout style tops

  • Leotards with tights or leggings

  • Hair pulled back and out of face

  • Socks, jazz shoes, ballet shoes (canvas)

Aerial Conditioning 

Conditioning and strength training is essential. If you're new to aerial this is a great class for building strength for climbing silks and lyra mounts. Conditioning is important for injury prevention so you can enjoy aerial for years to come. All levels are welcome. This class will work on strengthening all parts of the body including arms, legs and core. Silks and lyra will be used for endurance, strength exercises and drills. Bring a towel and plenty of water because you are going to sweat! 


All levels are welcome. This class is strongly suggested for intro aerial students. 


Lyra/Aerial Hoop

 Lyra also known as aerial hoop is a steel hoop that can be suspended in the air various ways (single point, double tab, tabless, choked with a span set). It is a traditional cirque apparatus that is often seen in Las Vegas circus shows and big tops around the world. In this class you will learn various skills, combos, mounts, spins and safety protocols associated with this graceful yet powerful aerial apparatus. 

Requirements Intro/Beginner

Aerial Conditioning strongly recommended. 

Requirements Intermediate/Advanced

Must be able to V Up, Pull Over, Single knee hangs, Single hand hangs and Tap Ups.


Aerial Silks/Tissu

Aerial silks or aerial tissu is a fabric apparatus consisting of one piece of fabric hanging from it’s center point. Thus creating two pieces of fabric to climb, wrap and drop from. Beginner and intermediate silks are often 25ft with little to no stretch in the fabric.  While professional stage shows can use silks of 40ft or longer with extreme stretch in the fabric. Students will learn, climbs, wraps, drops (advanced) as well as safety protocols. Expect a lot of climbing with this beautiful and popular apparatus. 

Requirements Intro/Beginner

Aerial Conditioning strongly recommended. 

Requirements Intermediate

Must be able to V Up, Russian Climb, French Climb and Foot Lock.

Aerial Hammock/Sling

Aerial hammock or aerial sling could be considered a cousin to aerial silks. It’s made of the same fabric and suspended from both ends of the fabric creating a sling. There is less climbing involved but an overlap in skills you might do on silks. This class is great for students new to aerial or wanting to try aerial for the first time. 

Requirements Intro/Beginner

Aerial Conditioning strongly recommended. 

Requirements Intermediate

Must be able to V Up & Pull Over.


Open Gym

Open gym is free time in the gym where students can practice skills they've learned in class. While there is always an instructor present to supervise they will not be teaching or spotting. Students should not be attempting new skills or skills they're unsure of during this time.


Sign up for each individual hour you wish to train BEFORE you arrive. You may bring your own equipment.


Private Lessons

Private lessons give you individualized training that best suits you as a student. While there is a noticeable price difference it's worth noting you're able to learn more in an hour private lesson versus a regular group class. Private lessons are great for those who are serious about aerial and want to take their aerial journey to the next level. 


Please contact us before you book so we can do a consultation and create a lesson plan that's right for you!


Kids Fit & Fun

Aerial can be an enriching activity for young developing bodies and minds. How we introduce children to this sport/art form is incredibly important. This is a mixed apparatus class introducing lyra, hammock and silks. 


Ages 8+

Children Under 12 cannot be left alone before or after class. 

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